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General information

Vaccination Point offers a unique new collaboration opportunity for GP practices interested in offering traveller vaccinations in their practice, without a large time commitment. We can understand that you would like to offer this service, but are limited in time and resources to organise it independently. That is why we take the arranging work off your hands and ensure efficient and hassle-free handling.

At Vaccinatiepunt, we have developed the expertise and infrastructure to offer traveller vaccinations in a professional manner. Our proposal is as follows: we arrange the entire process, from advice and vaccine procurement to administrative handling, and deliver the vaccines to your GP practice. You only have to administer the vaccinations yourself, which significantly reduces the burden on your practice. We charge a fee per patient for the GP practice, making it financially interesting for the practice to offer this service.

To ensure that vaccination data is recorded correctly, we work with our own system called BaseMed. This way, you always have access to the relevant information and can ensure continuity of care.

We strive to make the collaboration as smooth as possible and can adapt the arrangements to your specific needs. You keep control of the vaccination process in your practice, while we take care of the logistics and administration.

If you are interested in this collaboration, we invite you to fill in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details and possibilities and ensure that this collaboration fully meets your wishes and needs.

We look forward to supporting you in offering traveller vaccinations.