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People can come into contact with infectious diseases during their work for various reasons against which they can be protected by vaccination. This may be because of work in the Netherlands that poses health risks, but also because of work abroad where certain infectious diseases are common.

Dutch law requires you to ensure that your employees have healthy and safe working conditions. As of 2013, this has been further tightened.

For instance, the Inspectorate SZW is going to carry out stricter inspections. And your obligations have expanded from just the shop floor of your business premises, to all locations where your employees perform labour, right down to home-based work.

Vaccination Point allows companies to efficiently organise the protection of staff members. This protection can be provided both for individual employees during regular consultation hours at the vaccination points and for groups of employees at the company location. With vaccination care for companies/institutions, Vaccinatiepunt takes care of the entire package and thus relieves the client's P&O department or health and safety service. For more information about project vaccination, please call Vaccinatiepunt on 0900-8222462 or send an e-mail to

Corporate vaccination care

Part of healthy and safe working conditions, is safety regarding infectious diseases. The law requires you to have taken action against infection risks at work. You should have taken preventive measures as well as prepared an adequate response in case possible infection has occurred despite prevention.

Because vaccinations are an important part of this safety, this infection risk -control is often called occupational vaccination care.

In the province of North Holland, Vaccinatiepunt BV is one of the main providers of this vaccination care. To companies and individuals. Because of infection risk from staying abroad or infection risk from working here in the Netherlands.

From our own vaccination points throughout the Netherlands, the vaccination point nurses provide this care. And, for larger groups, they can also visit the company's premises if required.

Subscription to Prick incident

Employees can sometimes suffer a prick, splash, cut or bite incident at work despite precautions. Then there is stress: did I get infected?

Vaccination Point has developed a 24/7 helpdesk - called Prick Incident - to which larger companies can subscribe. For a small fee per employee, this will ensure that the right acute response takes place in the event of a possible contamination incident for job groups with an increased risk of such an incident.
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