Vaccination Point BV was built independently with dedication and professionalism by founder Sanny Klaver and developed from a conscious and specific vision. The organisational style is smooth, expert and autonomously entrepreneurial. Vaccinatiepunt's mission is therefore to become the undisputed market leader in the Netherlands in the field of preventive vaccination care. We strive to offer our customers the very best and fastest service, providing excellent support to help them travel safely and healthily. This together with an expert team of vaccination nurses, supported by a committed and autonomous management.

Quality policy

Quality policy is a high priority at Vaccination Point. Therefore, quality assurance and quality development are inseparable from the daily work of all Vaccination Point employees. Good quality care and development require the willingness to always perform to the best of one's ability. Here, the quality officer plays a central role. Within Vaccination Point, employees are encouraged to identify opportunities for improvement and actively work to improve services and resources. Management is open to concrete improvement suggestions from employees, customers and partners.

ISO certified

An important step in quality policy is ISO certification. Certification involves an external body testing whether the work processes are described and carried out as such and whether a cycle of continuous improvement is visible. This assessment is repeated annually. Vaccination Point has been ISO certified since 2012.

Vaccination Point B.V. is approved by DNV GL according to the following quality management system standards: NEN-EN-EN-ISO9001:2015

The quality management system applies to the performance of preventive care against infectious diseases by:

  • inform
  • advise
  • prescription
  • vaccinate


Vaccination Point is affiliated to the LCR. The main objective of the LCR is to promote quality and uniformity within traveller counselling. To this end, the LCR formulates quality criteria for vaccination agencies and training courses, and draws up guidelines for vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and other protective measures. These guidelines are distributed to doctors and vaccinating institutes affiliated to the LCR.

Comments, suggestions or complaints, Vaccination Point BV values critical action.

Comments, suggestions & complaints

If you have had an experience with our organisation, either as a client or as a partner, and you have comments, suggestions or complaints, we would of course like to hear from you. We will respond to them seriously and carefully.

Are you not satisfied with our services?

If you use the services of Vaccination Point and are not satisfied, we aim to resolve this as soon as possible. If, for any reason, you do not feel well or uncomfortably treated, something has gone wrong during treatment, you can always contact us.
We find this very annoying and would like to rectify it.

1. Getting out together

In the first instance, you can discuss your dissatisfaction directly with the service provider (send an email to info@vaccinatiepunt.nl) Together we will look for a solution with you. We always strive to solve this together with you.

2. Complaint

If you do not wish to discuss the complaint with us, please contact Erisietsmisgaan.nl. This independent body can help you resolve your dissatisfaction. Erisietsmisgaan.nl meets the requirements of the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz).

What can Erisietsmisgaan.nl do for you? They mediate in case of dissatisfaction or a complaint about the service, care, the healthcare provider and/or the organisation. How can you make your complaint known? You can use the website erisietsmisgaan.nl/onvrede-melding/ use.

3. Disputes Committee

If mediation has not resulted in a solution acceptable to both parties, you may apply to the Disputes Committee. In that case, you can submit the dispute to our affiliated Disputes Committee within five years of this notification. The Disputes Committee of Erisietsmisgaan.nl is recognised by the CIBG under registration number CIBG / EGi 27349.2 The decision of the Disputes Committee is binding for both parties. How can you make your dispute known? For more information please refer to the website of https://erisietsmisgegaan.nl/