Please note! Due to a nationwide shortage, the Rabies vaccine is unfortunately not available. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Traveller vaccination Amersfoort-Leusden region

Location Amersfoort-Leusden

At Vaccination Point Leusden, you can get all your travel vaccinations. Our team of experts is happy to offer personal advice! At our location in Leusden, you can then quickly get your vaccinations. Make your appointment now!

Vaccination Point Amersfoort-Leusden is located in the GP practice Tolgaarde. People who visit Vaccination Point Amersfoort-Leusden for advice and traveller vaccination mostly live and/or work in the Amersfoort region:

  • Amersfoort
  • Leusden
  • Soest
  • Zeist
  • Bilthoven
  • Baarn
  • Nijkerk
  • Barneveld

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Toll place 3
3831 JR Leusden

Traveller vaccinations in Zevenhoven

I am going on a trip, do I need vaccinations?

Wondering what vaccinations you need for your trip? View all destinations and read up on the required and recommended vaccinations. Based on your health data, our travel experts can provide accurate travel and vaccination advice. This way, you only need to come by for the vaccination and the consultation will only take about ten minutes.

Travel vaccinations

At Vaccinatiepunt Amersfoort-Leusden, you can get all travel vaccinations. Depending on your health and travel schedule, you can be vaccinated against the following diseases at Vaccinatiepunt:

Also for malaria drugs

You may be at risk of malaria infection at your travel destination. Also for malaria advice and resources, please contact Vaccination Point Amersfoort-Leusden. Based on your travel destination(s), our travel experts can provide accurate malaria advice and, if necessary, prescribe preventive malaria tablets or curative emergency treatment.

Vaccinating against Yellow Fever

Vaccination Point Amersfoort-Leusden is a yellow fever location. This means that you can also go here for vaccinations against yellow fever. So you can go to your travel destination where you are at risk of contracting yellow fever with peace of mind

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At Vaccination Point, you can make an appointment online in as little as one minute. Besides Amersfoort-Leusden, we are also located in more than 50 other cities throughout the Netherlands. Here, too, our team is ready for you. Make your appointment now!


Our location in Amersfoort-Leusden can be reached in various ways. You can reach our location by car, bicycle or public transport.

By public transport

Bus line 50, stop Leusden, WKC Biezenkamp. Various train services. See also:

By car

For directions, go to the Google Maps map above


There is a large car park at the front of the centre. Visitors to the GP practice Tolgaarde can use this for a fee.

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about making an appointment at Vaccination Point? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

It is obviously very important to travel well protected. It depends per destination which vaccinations and/or protective equipment you need. You can consult our destination pages consult or the LCR website, schedule an appointment immediately. Our doctors and specialists are ready to provide you with expert advice.

Ultimately, you decide for yourself. Vaccination Point can only advise which vaccinations are necessary for your trip or which vaccinations are recommended.

This is certainly possible. Almost all vaccinations can be given at the same time. With live attenuated vaccines, however, it is not recommended to take them at the same time, as this can significantly reduce the duration of protection of a vaccine. It is then recommended to leave at least four weeks between the two vaccines so that both maintain their full protection duration.

It is important to make an appointment for your travel vaccinations on time so that you are optimally protected while travelling. Some vaccinations have a longer exposure time than others. Also, for repeat vaccinations, it is important to observe the interval before you return, as with the Dengue vaccine. Therefore, check the recommended vaccinations for your travel destination and schedule your appointment early.

If you have a vaccination booklet, always bring it with you. Also remember to bring any medication and an identity card or passport for your citizen service number (BSN).

Yes, you will be vaccinated immediately during the consultation. Some vaccinations form a series and require multiple doses, for which you need to come back later. In that case, we will schedule a follow-up appointment for you.

No, in the booking module you will find an option above the date grid to select the number of people for the appointment. This will place the appointment in the calendar as a group appointment. First enter the details of the main booker and you can then directly enter the details for each person. If you don't have all the details to hand, that's no problem. You will also receive a confirmation containing a link for each person to fill in the details later. Please do this no later than 36 hours before your appointment, otherwise we may have to cancel your appointments. If you book an appointment within 36 hours, do fill in all the details immediately.

A slight elevation is no reason to postpone the vaccination. However, if you have a real fever and feel very sick, it is better to postpone the appointment.

Are you pregnant and need vaccinations? If so, consult with one of our doctors or nurses about what is best. This also applies to malaria medication. Whether you can be vaccinated while pregnant depends on the type of vaccine you need. For example, a vaccination against dengue should not be administered during pregnancy. A trip to a (sub)tropical country always carries an increased medical risk. Consider whether this trip is necessary or whether you might want to postpone it.