Please note! Due to a nationwide shortage, the Rabies vaccine is unfortunately not available. Apologies for the inconvenience.

About us

The organisation Vaccinatiepunt BV was built up independently by founder Sanny Klaver with dedication and skill and developed from a consciously specific vision. This gives direction to the corporate culture and vision. These in turn give direction to the policy. The organisation -style is smooth, expert and autonomously entrepreneurial. 

Our vision as a leading provider of prevention vaccination care is to become the market leader in our industry by delivering high-quality service and excellence in customer service. We aim to play a vital role in ensuring people travel safely and healthily by offering them expert advice and tailored vaccinations, including corporate vaccinations.

The management strives to achieve the goal of Vaccination Point by pursuing a policy in which the balance between carrying capacity and load of all employees in the organisation remains stable. This applies both to individual employees and to the group as a whole. Our employees are the core of our organisation, and a balanced working environment means:

  • A stable organisation
  • Satisfied employees
  • A good working atmosphere, both internally and in contact with clients
  • A basis for improvement cycles
  • A basis for delivering a quality product
  • Satisfied clients

Appreciation is an essential part of this stable balance between carrying capacity and load. At Vaccination Point, we structurally show appreciation to our employees and they show appreciation to each other. This happens in various ways, including proper remuneration for their efforts. Employees who flourish contribute to the success of the company and visa versa. To make all this concrete and visible to everyone, we have chosen to have our quality system certified following ISO 9001:2015. As a minimum, we strive to meet the requirements of relevant stakeholder and applicable laws and regulations.

Every employee is expected to carry out activities according to the organisational manual and actively contribute to the implementation of this policy. The management will ensure that all employees of Vaccination Point are familiar with this policy and act accordingly. Interested parties can request this policy statement.

Vaccination Point's mission applies:

Vaccination Point aims to become the undisputed market leader in the Netherlands in preventive vaccination care. We strive to provide our customers with the very best and fastest service, providing excellent support to help them travel safely and healthily.

Comments, suggestions or complaints

Vaccination Point BV is critical of its actions. If you have had dealings with our organisation, as a client or cooperating party, and you have a comment, suggestion or complaint about this, we would like to know. We will respond to it seriously and carefully. You can use the contact form on our contact page fill in.