About us

The organisation Vaccinatiepunt BV was built up independently by founder Sanny Klaver with dedication and skill and developed from a consciously specific vision. This gives direction to the corporate culture and vision. These in turn give direction to the policy. The organisation -style is smooth, expert and autonomously entrepreneurial. The vision for achieving the goal of "balanced through-building" is, that this goal will be achieved if the balance carrying capacity/carrying capacity of the people in the organisation remains stable at all times. Here, showing appreciation is an important means. The mission of Vaccination Point is therefore: to provide smooth and expert vaccination care, with an excellent team of vaccination -nurses, served by a committed, autonomous leadership.

Comments, suggestions or complaints

Vaccination Point BV is critical of its actions. If you have had dealings with our organisation, as a client or cooperating party, and you have a comment, suggestion or complaint about this, we would like to know. We will respond to it seriously and carefully. You can use the contact form on our contact page fill in.