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Typhoid fever vaccination

Typhoid fever vaccination

Typhoid fever is caused by salmonella bacteria and is found in many tropical countries. The typhoid fever bacterium is transmitted through poor hygiene; a person infected with typhoid fever excretes the bacterium through the faeces, and so the salmonella bacterium can get into the traveller's food through the unwashed hands, for example. The symptoms of typhoid fever are high fever, abdominal pain, headache and general sickness. Sometimes there is diarrhoea, but constipation also occurs; hospitalisation is necessary in most cases. Typhoid fever develops one to two weeks after infection. Besides vaccination, very strict adherence to hygiene regulations is necessary.

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The vaccination consists of one shot. The protection period of the typhoid fever vaccine is three years and gives about 70% protection.

People with vascular prostheses, artificial heart valves and those on antacids are also advised to take typhoid fever vaccination in certain cases.