Price list


The amount you pay for a visit to our clinic consists of: Consultation fee, vaccine fee and prescription. You also pay for any purchase of a vaccination booklet. Vaccinations should be paid by pin during the consultation.
You pay per visit for that day's operations, reimbursement by your health insurance depends on the policy conditions. Information on reimbursement can be obtained from your insurer or can be found at this site.

If you are unexpectedly unable to attend, please cancel your appointment no later than 24 hours in advance via For your convenience, please also reply to your appointment confirmation e-mail. Appointments not cancelled in time will be charged as a full consultation.


At our locations, payment should be made by pin only, we do not accept cash. See our fees page for possible reimbursement through your insurance. *Vaccination Point charges one consultation per person, per visit to Vaccination Point. This includes a telephone consultation. Prescriptions are also per person

Adults € 29,50
Child up to 15 years € 19,50
Consultation long journey € 45,00
Follow-up consultation € 20,50
Consult did not appear without notice € 29,50


Rates are per vaccine

Typhoid fever € 48,95
BMR (on order) € 41,50
DTP* € 34,95
Dengue* Series of 2 129.95 each
DKT* (on order) € 39,00
F.S.M.E.* (on order) Series of 3 €69.95 each
Yellow fever € 61,50
Shingles* (on order) € 229,50
Flu vaccination (if in stock) € 22,50
Hepatitis A* Series of 2 €69.95 each
Hepatitis A child* (up to 16 years of age) Series of 2 €50.95 each
Hepatitis B* Series of 3 €51.00 each
Hepatitis A + B* Series of 3 €74.95 each
Hepatitis A + B* (up to 16 years of age) Series of 2 €74.95 each
Japanese encephalitis* (on order) Series of 2 €165.00 each
Meningitis € 78,95
Pneumococcal vaccine (on order) € 41,50
Rabies (rabies)* Series of 2 €92.50 each


Blood tests after hepatitis A vaccination € 50,00
Blood tests after hepatitis B vaccination € 50,00
Vaccination booklet € 7,95
DEET products € 12,50
Cholera stamp (on request) FREE
Recipe € 14,95
  • * Some vaccinations are given in a series of several injections.
  • Prices in euros, prices subject to change
  • Rate list from February 2024