Travel vaccinations

Travel preparation

Are you going on a trip? Then it is wise to prepare well, also in terms of your health. Many countries in the world have different hygiene conditions. Different infectious diseases sometimes occur and you often have a different diet there than at home. Moreover, even in the best five-star hotel, you come into contact with the local population, which can transmit certain diseases.

Not only in exotic destinations, but also in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, infectious jaundice or diphtheria can disrupt holiday fun. Hepatitis A can occur anywhere where hygiene and sanitation leave much to be desired, such as in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. Usually the symptoms of these diseases are enough to make it impossible to see the joy of a holiday. With proper preparation, much misery can be avoided. Vaccination Point helps you with these preparations.

Making an appointment

Personal advice

Vaccination Point is affiliated with the LCR, and the advice travellers receive at Vaccination Point is based on the national guidelines of the LCR (National Coordination Centre for Travel Advice).

Depending on the destination, personal health and travel and accommodation conditions of the traveller, advice may differ slightly from that given to another traveller with a similar, or even the same, travel destination. Conditions in the world change rapidly and this also applies to the malaria situation. Resistance development and implementation of mosquito control programmes have influenced the risk of malaria and therefore the advice to be given to travellers.

For preventing diseases, vaccination or taking medicines alone is often not enough. To best protect yourself, when abroad, you should observe a number of precepts aimed at minimising the risk of infection. During the traveller's consultation, the nurse can provide information on measures that can be taken to avoid getting sick. For personal advice, it is necessary to have a appointment.

Hepatitis B

Japanese encephalitis

Whooping cough