All about rabies vaccinations at Vaccination Point

All about rabies vaccinations at Vaccination Point

In this blog, we dive deeper into the topic of rabies, also known as rabies and why vaccinating against it can be crucial for travellers. We give insight into how Vaccination Point can help you protect yourself against this potentially deadly disease, so you can travel with confidence.

What is rabies?
Rabies is a viral disease that affects the nervous system and is spread through saliva of infected animals, mainly dogs, bats and monkeys. Symptoms in humans range from fever and headache to paralysis and acute encephalitis. We also share insights on incidents of Rabies in travellers and advice on how to prevent it when you have an appointment.

Risk areas and prevention
Areas where Rabies is common include Southeast Asia, parts of Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. We advise on avoidance strategies, such as avoiding contact with wild animals, especially stray dogs, and avoiding activities that increase the risk of bites.

The importance of Rabies vaccination at Vaccination Point
Receiving a Rabies vaccination before travelling to endemic areas is essential. We explain how this vaccination can extend the incubation period of the virus, allowing more time for medical attention after exposure, and how it can reduce the need for post-exposure prophylaxis.

Benefits of Prevention
Early vaccination allows travellers to confidently undertake adventure activities, such as hiking, camping and exploring rural areas, without the constant worry of possible infection after an animal bite.

How to make an appointment for Rabies Vaccination
Making an appointment on our website is very easy and done within a minute. Press the 'Make an appointment' button below and select a location near you. Then choose a suitable date and time after which you fill in your details. You quickly make an appointment for yourself, your family and friends. Vaccinatiepunt always has space at 45+ locations, where you can often be helped faster than at the GGD for travel vaccinations.

Vaccination Point is ready to guide you on how to protect yourself from Rabies and other infectious diseases, making your travel experience safe and memorable. Contact us today and book your Rabies vaccination appointment!

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