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Going on a trip to Djibouti? A successful trip starts with good preparation. When it comes to your health, it is also wise to prepare well. Many countries in the world have different hygiene conditions. So too in Djibouti. Different infectious diseases sometimes occur and you often have a different diet there than at home. Moreover, even in the best five-star hotel, you come into contact with locals, which can transmit certain diseases. With good preparation, a lot of misery can be avoided. Vaccinatiepunt helps you with these preparations so you know which vaccinations for Djibouti mandatory, optional and recommended and can travel well protected. Make an appointment today to get the vaccinations you need for your trip to Djibouti fetch.

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The above advice for vaccinations Djibouti is general advice. For tailored personalised traveller's advice, you can make an appointment online or by phone. We are up-to-date with the latest news and LCR guidelines. A personal advice will involve your travel destination, the duration and circumstances of the trip and your personal health condition and, based on this, the necessary vaccinations for Djibouti advised.

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What vaccinations are mandatory for travel to Djibouti?

Some African countries require yellow fever vaccination. No vaccinations are required for your trip to Djibouti. See our country pages for exact information on mandatory vaccinations for the African country you will be visiting. You can also consult us for information on possible health reimbursements for travel vaccinations.

What vaccinations are recommended for Djibouti?

For most African countries, vaccinations against DTP and hepatitis A recommended. These vaccinations are also recommended for Djibouti as a destination. This is due to poor hygiene conditions. In addition, taking malaria tablets is strongly recommended in many African countries. Djibouti also falls into a malaria area. Other recommended vaccinations are:

Other optional vaccinations for Djibouti

In addition to the compulsory and recommended vaccinations for Djibouti there are also a number of other vaccinations optional. These could be personally recommended. Optional vaccinations for Djibouti are:

For personalised advice on vaccinations Djibouti you can make an appointment with us. Any advice will involve your travel destination, the duration and circumstances of the trip and your personal health condition. For questions, please contact our frequently asked questions page or contact us. Also, for information on possible health insurance reimbursement of travel vaccinations for Djibouti you can contact us.

Is there malaria in Djibouti?

Malaria is prevalent in Djibouti. Malaria is a disease that still kills tourists every year. The advice regarding malaria in Djibouti depends on several personal and travel-related factors. You will therefore receive personal malaria advice when making an appointment with us. Malaria is transmitted through a mosquito bite. Mosquito bites can be prevented by:

  • Covering clothes to wear
  • Using mosquito repellents with DEET.
  • Mosquitoes are mainly active at night. Therefore sleep under a mosquito net

Besides mosquito repellents, you can also protect yourself against infections caused by malaria by taking malaria pills. Vaccination Point is also the right place to get malaria pills. Make an appointment for this.

Do you experience feverish symptoms during your trip? If so, contact a doctor as soon as possible (within 24 hours). There is no malaria vaccination.

Observe precepts for optimal protection

For disease prevention, vaccinations for Djibouti or taking medicines is often not enough. To protect yourself optimally, you should observe a number of precepts when abroad, aimed at minimising the risk of infection. During the traveller's consultation, the nurse can provide information on measures that can be taken to avoid becoming ill. For personal advice on vaccinations for Djibouti it is necessary to make an appointment.

Run no risk with Vaccination Point

Those travelling to the (sub)tropics want to be as protected as possible against diseases that occur there. For vaccinations Djibouti you can visit Vaccination Point. You can also make an appointment with us for personal advice. The advice given is based on the national guidelines of the LCR (National Coordination Centre for Travel Advice). 

For personal advice on your specific situation, contact Vaccination Point. There, they are up-to-date with the latest news and LCR guidelines. With personal advice, you are assured of taking appropriate vaccinations for Djibouti in your situation. Make a booking now for traveller vaccination at the Vaccination Point of your choice. You can also make an appointment in the evening and at weekends. For corporate vaccinations you can also make an appointment at your local Vaccination Point.

Our working method

We work on a consultation basis in which we personally advise you which vaccinations you should take for your trip to Djibouti. Any advice will involve your travel destination, the duration and circumstances of the trip and your personal health condition. Malaria vaccinations and anti-malaria drugs do not always give full protection and sometimes have side effects. Therefore, the pros and cons of different measures should be weighed up for each trip and each person.

Even if you have booked a last-minute trip, it is wise to consult the Vaccination Point. This is because you can also be vaccinated just before the start of your trip. If you often book last-minute, it is advisable to get the basic vaccinations (dtp,hepatitis A and possibly typhoid fever) as a precautionary measure. 

For tailored personal advice, make an appointment at a branch near you.

Vaccination rates

Are you curious about our vaccination rates? If so, please refer to our price list. You pay per visit for the operations of that day, reimbursement by your health insurance depends on the policy conditions. If you are unexpectedly unable to attend, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are not cancelled in time will be charged as consultations.

Surrounding countries

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