Traveller vaccination region Purmerend

Location Purmerend

Vaccination Point Purmerend is located in the Dijklander hospital, temporarily we are at location 85. The space is accessible by the rear lift on the second floor. People who visit Vaccination Point Purmerend for advice and traveller vaccination mostly live and/or work in the Purmerend region:

  • Edam
  • Ilpendam
  • Kwadijk
  • Purmerend
  • Volendam
  • Southeast Beemster


By public transport

Bus lines 110 and 103 stop Veenweidestraat/Waterlandziekenhuis, Purmerend. See also:

By car

For directions, go to the Google maps map below.


There is a large car park at the Waterland Hospital. Visitors to the Waterland Hospital can use this for a fee.